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Our Vision for the FutureTo meet the needs of our growing community, NCH has made an uncommon commitment. We're not simply expanding our services - we're raising expectations of what a community hospital can be.

Our vision is to create a world-class hospital that pursues excellence at every level, with one objective: delivering the very best patient care.

The construction you’ve been seeing on the NCH campus is part of a major initiative to make that vision real: new facilities, new levels of service, and world-class medical care to serve the entire region.

We’re creating a “total healing environment” – an environment designed to improve patient outcomes and staff performance. A hospital that brings caregivers closer to patients, and patients closer to everything they need.

We're offering comprehensive care for a wider range of complex diseases. We’ll fight these diseases with teams of expert physicians, specially trained nurses, the most powerful and precise technology, and exceptionally supportive care.

Human relationships and personal service are at the heart of the NCH culture. We’re building on that commitment with new conveniences and services for patients and their families, and with new connections to our community.

These are some of the projects taking place now and in the near future throughout the NCH system. Click on any one for more information.

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Last Updated 04/10/2009