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For more information on CyberKnife at NCH, call 847.618.6568

CyberKnife Team

An Experienced Treatment Team Focused on Your Care
When you choose Northwest Community Hospital for your CyberKnife treatment, you get the expertise of an entire team of highly skilled surgeons, radiation oncologists, physicists, nurses and radiation therapists working on your behalf. Each week physicians across all specialties who treat cancer patients meet to specifically discuss your case — reviewing the status of the disease, the location of the tumor(s) and the best treatment options. All trained and experienced in the CyberKnife System, our specialists work together to deliver comprehensive care and individualized treatment plans, giving you a caring and supportive healthcare experience.

Experienced Clinicians to Answer All Your Questions
At Northwest Community Hospital, you’ll receive knowledgeable and compassionate cancer care from your Care Team. Always available to answer questions and provide support, your Care Team will walk you through the CyberKnife procedure from start to finish, making the process simple and comfortable. With specialists to handle all the details of your care, you can focus on the most important job — getting well.

CyberKnife Physician Leadership

Philip A. Lobo, MD Najeeb Mohideen, MD Stephen S. Nigh, MD
Philip A. Lobo, MD Najeeb Mohideen, MD Stephen S. Nigh, MD


To request more information on the CyberKnife Radiosurgery System at Northwest Community Hospital, call 847.618.6568, or complete our Request Information form.

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Last Updated 08/04/2009