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For more information on CyberKnife at NCH, call 847.618.6568

How It Works

Treating Tumors with Advanced Technology
As the only full-body stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) system in the world, CyberKnife introduces an entirely new approach to cancer treatment. Utilizing a computer-controlled robotic arm that moves around the patient to deliver precisely targeted beams of radiation, CyberKnife provides surgeons with unparalleled flexibility and accuracy in radiating tumors anywhere in the body.

Equipped with x-ray cameras and computer technology similar to that used for cruise missile guidance, the CyberKnife system locates and evaluates the tumor to determine the position and orientation of each of the more than 1,200 beams of radiation that will be delivered during treatment. When all the beams come together in the tumor, a high and effective dose of radiation is delivered with minimal, if any, radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissue.

Providing Patients with a Painless Procedure
While the patient lies comfortably on the treatment table, CyberKnife delivers the treatment dose, continually checking and compensating for tumor position and patient movement throughout the session. Comparing real-time images to images produced from the pre-treatment CT scans, the robotic system instantly repositions each beam, as needed, before delivery. To help the patient remain stable (but not uncomfortably rigid), a soft face mask or vest is worn, depending on the area being treated. The prgress of the treatment is controlled via video monitors and intercom to assure the patient's safety and comfort.

One to five treatments can be given and usually last 30 minutes to 90 minutes. The Northwest Community Hospital treatment team will determine what will best optimize the effectiveness of the therapy and the well being of the patient.

CyberKnife in Action
View the CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery System video (Source: CyberKnife Society website) to see how this groundbreaking system non-invasively treats tumors anywhere in the body with pinpoint accuracy. In addition to providing a general overview of the CyberKnife technology, the video highlights the system’s ability to treat moving tumors in the lung, prostate, kidney, liver, spine and pancreas.

Click here to view a video about how CyberKnife works.

To request more information on the CyberKnife Radiosurgery System at Northwest Community Hospital, call 847.618.6568, or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Last Updated 08/04/2009