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Giving Priorities

New Emergency Room Imaging Center

A Level II Trauma Center with more than 74,000 patient visits each year, NCH's Emergency Room is the busiest one in the northwest suburbs. Click here to learn more.

A new ER Imaging Center is planned for the first floor of the South Pavilion to offer emergency patients rapid access to advanced diagnostic imaging techniques such as this Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine.

Rapid, state-of-the-art imaging in the Hospital’s Emergency Room (ER) is often key to obtaining an accurate diagnosis and choosing the most effective treatment. With a stroke, it can mean the difference between life and death, between full recovery and lifelong debilitation. A large area on the South Pavilion’s first floor is reserved for a new ER Imaging Center. The Center is ideally located within the ER for fast imaging when timing is critical to saving lives, treating serious injuries and minimizing long-term damage. It will serve both emergency patients and inpatients, making fast and accurate diagnostic imaging accessible to more than 100,000 patients a year.

The cost of building out the space and fully equipping it with the most advanced technology is $8.5 million, and NCH needs philanthropic support to complete the project without delay. For optimal care, the center must have two CT scanners and magnetic resonance imaging, as well as ultrasound and digital radiography rooms.

For more information, please call the Foundation at 847.618.4260. To make a gift online, visit the Giving Center.

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Last Updated 2012/05/24