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Lives Touched

Grateful patients often support NCH by sharing a personal story of extraordinary care in an excellent program, or by making a gift in honor of a special caregiver.

These are just a few of the Foundation’s favorite stories:

Jim – Prostate Health Program

Jim is glad he came to NCH for treatment of prostate cancer. He is especially grateful for the post-operative support and guidance he received from Juli, his Prostate Nurse Navigator. She explained what to expect throughout his recovery process, advised him on how to manage the side effects and answered all of his questions, honestly and thoroughly. As Jim said, “Juli was very knowledgeable and reassuring and easy to talk to.”
To learn more about prostate care and cancer treatment options click here

Dr. Peiken: A Hit with the Zlogar Family

For Katie Zlogar, it was easy to make a tribute gift in honor of her favorite NCH physician. She cant say enough about the excellent care she and her family have received from NCH internist Marvin Peiken, MD. Katie first saw Dr. Peiken in the 1980s and she and her husband are still his patients. They both say Dr. Peiken never rushes them. He considers problems carefully and responds with clear advice. Katie says, If I call him, he always calls back the same day. He listens, and hes very understanding.
To make a tribute gift, click here

Kathie – The Breast Center

Kathie, shown here with her grandkids, is a spirited breast cancer survivor. And she can’t say enough good things about the comprehensive care she received at NCH’s Breast Center. Kathie explains that “advanced imaging and biopsy techniques produced an accurate, precise diagnosis… and most importantly the staff was very courteous and sensitive to my anxieties.” Kathie wants to remind all women over 40 to get your annual mammogram.
To learn more about The Breast Center click here

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Last Updated 2012/05/24