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ABUS Better Breast Cancer Detection

ABUS screenings do not replace mammograms. Mammograms find calcifications in the ducts that can indicate cancer.

ABUS screenings do not show calcifications, but reveal other abnormalities hidden by dense breast tissue. That's why it's important to always have a mammogram first.

The most advanced breast cancer screenings

Mammograms are essential for all women, but 40 percent of women in the US have dense breast tissue, which can hide abnormalities in mammograms.

Here are two important facts you should know:

  • Women with extremely dense breasts are 4-6 times more likely to develop breast cancer than women with normal breast tissue.*
  • It is estimated that mammograms alone miss more than one-third of breast cancers hidden in women with dense breasts.

If you have ever been told your mammogram results were "inconclusive," then you may have dense breast tissue and qualify for a secondary ABUS screening.

Introducing Automated Breast Ultrasounds (ABUS) screenings

NCH is the first breast center in the Northwest Suburbs to offer the somo•v® Automated Breast Ultrasound system, the only technology developed and FDA-approved as a secondary screening for women with dense breast tissue without additional radiation.

How it works

ABUS screenings are painless and comfortable. A wide field-of-view transducer is placed on your chest while you are lying down that scans the entire breast. This advanced system produces a 3-D image that can "see through" dense breasts to reveal areas that the radiologist was not able to view with enough precision on your mammogram.

An ABUS screening can be scheduled as you make your mammogram appointment at the NCH Breast Center, if it is determined by the radiologist that you have dense breast tissue. ABUS screenings are only available at the Breast Center location at Northwest Community Hospital.

The latest technology

The somo•v® Automated Breast Ultrasound system from U-systems is a true advancement in breast cancer detection.

The result of 10 years of research and development, the somo•v ABUS system is designed to automatically scan a woman's breast, capturing multiple ultrasound images and displaying them in 3D for review by a radiologist. Automated ultrasound delivers a 3D rendition of the breast through a safe, radiation-free process.

To learn more about ABUS screenings for dense breasts, call 847.618.7431, or ask your physician.

To schedule a mammogram and possible ABUS screening, call 847.618.3700.

* New England Journal of Medicine, 2007. Extremely dense breasts are defined as 75% or more dense breast tissue.

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Last Updated 2013/09/12