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You know what heartburn feels like.
But do you know what it can do to you?

That burning sensation is caused by stomach acids backing up into
your esophagus, the tube that carries food to your stomach. Those
acids can damage delicate tissue. Sometimes the damage leads to cancer.

Thatís why chronic heartburn is something you canít ignore.

Judith Learn about Judith's painful, long-term battle with Heartburn and how Dr. Parsons fixed the problem and put an end to her discomfort.

Northwest Community Hospital introduces  HALO360 Ablation Therapy, a new outpatient treatment for Barrett's Esophagus that can stop esophageal cancer before it starts. 

At Northwest Community’s Gastroenterology Center, our nationally recognized experts are leaders in utilizing innovative HALO ablation technology from Covidean.  The HALO system is a groundbreaking treatment that can remove damaged tissue from your esophagus without surgery.

In fact, a recent study shows that HALO360 Ablation Therapy is highly effective at preventing cancer of the esophagus by removing or destroying pre-cancerous cells. And Northwest Community performs more of these procedures than any other hospital in Illinois.

To learn more about Gastroenterology services at Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights, click here. For additional resources about Barrett's Esophagus, click here.

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Last Updated 2012/11/29