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The NCH Advantage • Quality Outcomes

Quality outcomes at Northwest Community Hospital have been available online to the community we serve since the fall of 2007. NCH was the first hospital in the state of Illinois to deliver such transparent and easy-to-understand performance measures. Quality, safety and patient satisfaction are cornerstones of the patient experience at NCH.

View our quality report card and see how our medical care compares to hospitals nationwide

This online report card offers an at-a-glance look at how Northwest Community Hospital compares to state and national averages for specific performance factors related to clinical quality, nursing care, patient safety and satisfaction.

A quality report card demo is available to help you read report card results and show you how the data are useful when evaluating hospitals.

Colorectal Advisory Board specific measures

Performance benchmarks of the Gastroenterology Center at Northwest Community Hospital have been created and are monitored by the Colorectal Advisory Board. Physicians must be at or above 90 percent compliance:

Item Indicator Criteria Performance
1 Mean withdrawal time of scope Normal results in patients with intact colons > or equal to 6 minutes
2 Photo documentation of cecum landmarks (cecum—beginning of the large intestine; it is connected to the lower part of the small intestine, called the ileum) Every procedure Photo taken, and labeled in record
3 Retroflexion in the rectum (retroflexion/ret·ro·flex·ion/ (-flek´shun) the bending of an organ or part so that its top is thrust backward) Every report Retroflexion documented in procedure record
4 Retroflexion in the gastro cardia (a retroflexed view of the cardiac portion of the stomach) Every report Photo taken, and labeled in record


Nationally recognized for excellence

Cancer Program 3-year Approval with Commendation
American College of Surgeons’ Commission on Cancer
Two years in a row

Magnet™ Recognition for Nursing Excellence

American Nurses Credentialing Center
Only 6% of healthcare organizations earn Magnet status

Beacon Award for Critical Care Excellence
American Association of Critical-Care Nurses

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Last Updated 11/15/2009