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Lab Departments

Blood Bank transfuses over 12,000 units of blood and blood components as well as performs over 78,000 compatibility, prenatal, neonatal and complex tests.

Chemistry tests for lipid profiles from blood and/or urine samples including cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL, HDL, glucose, metabolic panels, thyroid testing, PSA and drug monitoring.

Cytology reads over 19,000 pap smears and thin prep pap tests to help detect cervical cancer.

Hematology performs a variety of blood and urine tests to check for infections, blood clotting and diabetes.

Histology processes 20,000 surgical cases per year, studying tissues and biopsies.

Laboratory Services handles hundreds on telephone calls per day to answer questions from patients, nursing staff and physicians.

Microbiology performs 6,700 tests for influenza as well as 5,000 strep screens and throat cultures annually.

Molecular Diagnostics provides DNA and RNA analysis through amplification of minute quantities of genetic material for the diagnosis of infectious diseases, genetic mutations, and tumor markers.

Pathology Transcription and Support Staff generate over 40,000 reports per year. The staff process a large volume of telephone inquiries for laboratory information.

Phlebotomy is experienced in drawing blood tests from patients in all age groups. In addition, the phlebotomy staff travels to many nursing homes in the metropolitan area, servicing geriatric patients on a daily basis.

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Last Updated 04/10/2009