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Take Care of Yourself

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How We're Here for You

Self-exams and regular checkups are just as important for men as for women. From checking for prostate and testicular cancer and cholesterol to monitoring your blood pressure and digestive system, it’s important to take good care of yourself.

At NCH we make it easy and convenient for you to benefit from the latest advances in men’s health without leaving your community. Take advantage of prostate screenings, sophisticated cancer treatments, state-of-the art cardiovascular services and minimally invasive orthopedic procedures.

We are also a Designated Primary Stroke Center, and one of only two hospitals in the northwest region to offer new stroke intervention procedures.

Experience the Difference at NCH

Faster, safer and more accurate diagnoses

  • New digital imaging with less invasive technologies
  • Safer and more comfortable procedures

NCH prostate screenings offered twice a year

  • Blood test for PSA – prostate-specific antigen
  • Physical exam by a urologist who participates in NCH's Prostate Program

Advanced medical procedures for less invasive and safer treatments

Sports medicine facilities

  • Progressive strengthening, mobility, endurance and coordination training combined with specialized exercise and manual techniques to enhance recovery
  • Designed to help professional, recreational and student athletes get up to speed quickly and safely
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Last Updated 04/10/2009