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The NCH Advantage

Close, convenient and accessible physical rehabilitation services

  • Six physical rehabilitation locations with extended weekday and weekend hours.
  • Safe, effective one-on-one exercise with your trained therapist.
  • The latest, most advanced equipment for physical rehabilitation.

Complete continuum of physical rehabilitation care in a hospital-based setting

  • We provide our services on an inpatient, home health care and outpatient basis, depending upon your needs and mobility.
  • We work with your physician to set goals and desired outcomes of treatment.
  • Communication is maintained with your physician throughout therapy.

A full spectrum of rehabilitation services

After an injury, surgery or stroke, the brain and body may need to be retrained, muscles strengthened and simple motions relearned. You want the most highly skilled physical rehabilitation experts at your side. Our licensed professional therapists, many with doctorates in their fields, stay current with the latest research, best practices and technology to help you get moving again.

Physical therapy

If you're having problems with gross motor skills (standing, walking or running), range of motion, balance and coordination, or strength and endurance, you may benefit from physical therapy. Perhaps you're recovering from orthopedic surgery or a stroke. Whatever the reason, we offer these specialized physical rehabilitation programs:

Occupational therapy

Many kinds of problems can get in the way of your daily activities. You might have difficulty with the small movements you need for writing or eating, or problems with balance and coordination that make it hard to get where you want to go. You might have problems with your vision or your thinking that make it hard to work or care for yourself and your family. We offer these specialized occupational therapy programs:

Speech and language rehabilitation

If your ability to communicate has been impaired by surgery, an accident or a medical condition, our speech/language pathologists are ready to help. They offer comprehensive evaluations and a full range of speech and language therapy treatments for problems with speaking, listening and understanding, reading and writing, memory and attention, problem-solving, and swallowing. Specialized speech and language programs include:

Sports medicine

Located in the Wellness Center on our Arlington Heights campus, the Sports Medicine Center is a well-equipped facility that's convenient and accessible. The Sports Medicine Center has access to the facility's fitness center, warm water therapy pool and lap pool.

High-risk neonatal developmental follow-up clinic

  • Clinic hours are on Thursdays at the Hospital. Please call 847.618.7761 for the current schedule. We assess babies for progress in growth and development and, if needed, refer families for additional therapies
  • Staff headed by Dr. Joel Fisher, director of neonatology at NCH and an associate professor at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago/Northwestern University
  • Download a brochure

Get the rehabilitation you need through our advanced, hospital-based Physical Rehabilitation Services program. For more information, call 847.618.3550. A physician’s order is required to schedule an appointment. To schedule an appointment, call 847.618.3700.

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Last Updated 2013/03/26