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Bill's Story

Bill Huley has been having a prostate screening every year for decades.

But when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he had a lot of choices to make. After researching and weighing his many options for where to go for treatment, Bill chose Northwest Community Hospital.

For Bill, it came down to the excellent reputation of radiation oncologist Dr. Najeeb Mohideen, the advanced facilities and the fact that NCH was only a few miles from home.

Before Bill began treatment, he met with NCH's Prostate Nurse Navigator, Juli Aistars, RN, APN. She talked to him about his options, answered his questions and helped him schedule his treatments. And since Bill has started his treatment, Juli has made follow up calls to check in on him and to connect him with support groups.

For Bill's treatment, Dr. Mohideen and NCH's radiation therapists are using NCH's new Calypso ® 4D Localization System™ —the only one of its kind in any hospital in the Northwest Suburbs. This remarkable technology allows these specialists to deliver highly conformal doses of radiation with incredible accuracy, which also limits radiation exposure to nearby organs and can lead to fewer side effects.

With this advanced equipment, a doctor and staff with a well-known reputation and highly regarded abilities, and Juli's emotional support, Bill has developed an overwhelming sense of optimism in his fight against prostate cancer.

"I find inner strength in the knowledge that I can be a cancer survivor," says Bill. "And I'm grateful that I'm in the capable hands of the experts at NCH."

Interested in learning more about prostate treatments at NCH? Call Juli Aistars, prostate nurse navigator, at 847. 618.6572 for more information on prostate care.

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Bill's Doctor
Dr. Najeeb Mohideen is a board-certified radiation oncologist on staff at NCH. For a list of radiation oncologists on staff at NCH, click here, or call HealthConnection at 847.618.4YOU (4968).
Bill's Treatment

Dr. Mohideen is using NCH's new Calypso 4D Localization System to provide real time image guidance of the prostate during intensity modulated radiation therapy. Before his prostate cancer treatment began, Bill underwent a simple outpatient procedure in which three Beacon® transponders, each the size of a grain of rice, were implanted into his prostate using ultrasound guidance. When activated, the Beacon transponders transmit safe radiofrequency waves to the Calypso System. Clinicians then use this "motion data" to guide their radiation therapy setup, as well as to monitor the position and movement of the prostate during treatment delivery.

This complex intensity modulated, image-guided radiation therapy (IM-IGRT) is allowing Bill's prostate cancer to be treated with high doses of radiation therapy as accurately and safely as possible.

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Last Updated 01/26/2010