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Pediatric Surgical Services

Is your child having surgery?

Find out how to prepare and what to expect if your child is having surgery.

Pediatric Surgery in the Day Surgery Center

Pediatric Surgery in the Main Operating Room

Special care for kids having surgery

If your child is having surgery at NCH, we will do everything possible to put both you and your child at ease. Depending upon the type of surgery your child is having, the operation will be scheduled at either the Day Surgery Center or in one of NCH's main operating rooms. Wherever your child's surgery takes place, all NCH operating rooms are staffed by Magnet®-designated nurses, surgical technologists, and board-certified anesthesiologists and surgeons.

Rely on NCH for convenient access to a comprehensive range of specialized inpatient and outpatient pediatric services. For a physician referral, please call HealthConnection at 847.618.4YOU (4968), or view our list of Northwest Community Hospital surgeons.

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Last Updated 2013/03/13