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For Parents

Youth Center Group Sessions

We're here for you and your adolescent, too

Adolescent substance abuse is a treatable disease. Your involvement in your child’s treatment is critical to a healthy recovery. At the Youth Center of Northwest Community Hospital, we empower parents to take back control and play a significant role in their child’s wellness.

Comprehensive care with strong parental involvement

We believe that abstinence is essential and that recovery begins with remaining sober one day at a time. Our youth treatment philosophy focuses on providing comprehensive, individualized care with strong parental involvement. Families attend family group sessions, parent-only sessions and individual family sessions. We help you learn about substance abuse, conflict resolution, setting boundaries and how addiction is treatable with the right resources and involvement.

Group sessions for families and patients

In group sessions, you can share your experiences, feelings and concerns with other families in similar situations. You will soon realize that you are not alone and that there is no shame or fault involved. Your child will also participate in 20 to 30 hours of group sessions where they can talk about their feelings and frustrations with their peers. Family meetings on Tuesday nights provide a time when all of our patients and their families can join together to work on their issues.

Full continuum of services

We offer the only hospital-affiliated, private residential youth treatment programs in the Chicago area. We provide a full continuum of substance abuse services for adolescents aged 12- 18 as well as a comprehensive alcohol and drug assessment at no cost. We are located on the hospital campus, so your child will have access to medical intervention, if necessary.

Two on-staff certified teachers

If your child is in either the Residential Treatment or Day Treatment Program, we have two certified teachers on staff to coordinate course work with your school district. Teens get 2 1/2 half hours of schooling a day, all year round.

Quality care at reasonable costs

Our goal is to provide quality substance abuse treatment for reasonable charges. We provide a financial counselor to answer billing questions, coordinate payment with your insurance plan benefits and assist you with payment issues.

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Last Updated 04/10/2009