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Video Links for You

Overview Video
Get an in-depth look at our entire substance abuse treatment capabilities and programs, meet our staff and take a tour of our facilities.

Jeanine—A Mother’s Story
Meet Jeanine, who came to us after discovering her son had a substance abuse problem. Learn what led her to the Youth Center substance abuse program and how we helped her teen.

Getting Professional Help
Meet Corri Ferdman, a social worker and licensed substance abuse counselor. Corri tells what signs to watch for in a child with a substance abuse problem. She also talks about her experience with the Youth Center’s program from the perspective of a referring agency.

Health Links for You

The Youth Center is just one of the ways we work to serve you. Here you will find a complete range of information and resources on substance abuse.

Health News for You
Financial Assistance Information

Call NCH's financial counselors at 847.618.4542 to secure:

  • Quotes for services in advance
  • Answers to your healthcare financial questions

How We're Here for You

The Youth Center at Northwest Community Hospital is the only private residential treatment program in the Chicagoland area for adolescents, offering family-centered care from experienced professionals. Through a highly structured, interdisciplinary team approach, we help adolescents learn a new way of living and relating to others.

We invite you to visit our facilities and learn more about our various programs and services. Assessments are free of charge. We also do drug screening, if required. Feel free to call us at any time at 847.618.2700. Our facility is located in the Northwest Community Hospital campus.

Experience the Difference at NCH

We provide a team approach to substance abuse treatment including:

  • On-staff psychiatrist.
  • Interdisciplinary team of licensed and certified social workers, clinical counselors, addiction counselors and substance abuse technicians.
  • Certified teachers who coordinate school work with the home school district.
  • Medical and nursing support on-call 24/7.

Based on the assessment and the adolescents individual needs, we offer three programs including:

  1. Residential Treatment
  2. Day Treatment
  3. Intensive Outpatient Treatment
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Last Updated 04/10/2009