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Pancreas Nurse Navigator

Your nurse navigator—guiding you through treatment

If you've been diagnosed with a pancreatic disease, such as pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer, you can turn to NCH's pancreas nurse navigator for expertise, guidance and support for each step of your journey. Whether you're scheduled for a surgery at the Illinois Center for Pancreatic and Hepatobiliary Diseases (ICPHD) or looking for a second opinion from Dr. Malcolm Bilimoria, your nurse navigator will facilitate a comprehensive evaluation using all the resources we have available.

How your nurse navigator helps you

Your pancreas nurse navigator is an advanced practice nurse (APN) with a focus on gastrointestinal diseases. To you, that means peace of mind knowing you have access to someone who is knowledgeable about your condition.

Your nurse navigator will work closely with you and your family to ensure that you receive the best possible care. As a personal resource, your navigator can:

  • Answer all of your questions and provide support any time you need it
  • Aid with financial issues
  • Help you and your family understand your diagnosis and surgical options
  • Assist with scheduling appointments before and after surgery
  • Coordinate follow-up care after surgery
  • Provide resources you may need for physical and emotional recovery

Support for pancreatic surgery patients

Your pancreas nurse navigator also works closely with our oncology social worker. Together, they developed a support/education group for patients recovering from pancreatic surgery. If you have questions about diet and nutrition, medications, or lifestyle changes, the support group is for you! It brings together resources and offers you an opportunity to maintain your quality of life by getting the assistance you need.

Meet your nurse navigator

Stephanie Evans, RN, BSN
Pancreas Nurse Navigator

Stephanie Evans received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Olivet Nazarene University. As the pancreas nurse navigator, Stephanie will talk to you about surgery, discuss tissue research, and schedule your pre- and post-surgical appointments. She will provide you with educational materials and support group information, all while keeping you up to date with the latest information regarding your treatment plan.

If you or someone you love has recently been diagnosed with a pancreatic cancer , find out how you can get expert care, close to home, along with personal support from our pancreas nurse navigator. Call the ICPHD today at 847.483.9400.

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Last Updated 2012/06/04