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Prostate Nurse Navigator

Your nurse navigator–providing expert care and guidance

A Grateful Patient

Jim is glad he came to NCH for treatment of prostate cancer. He is especially grateful for the post-operative support and guidance he received from Juli, his prostate nurse navigator. She explained to Jim what to expect throughout the recovery process, advised him on how to manage the side effects and answered all of his questions honestly and thoroughly. As Jim said, “Juli was very knowledgeable, reassuring and easy to talk to.”

Questions about your prostate care? Call the nurse navigator today at 847.618.6572.

If you were recently diagnosed with prostate cancer or a benign prostate health condition, Northwest Community Hospital’s prostate nurse navigator is here to complement the expertise and skills of your physician with expert advice, guidance and support.

Your prostate nurse navigator is a resource for men with prostate health concerns and can answer any—and all—questions you have about prostate care. As a member of the NCH prostate care team, your prostate nurse navigator will:

  • Coordinate your care and treatment scheduling
  • Aid with financial issues
  • Help you and your family understand your diagnosis
  • Identify second opinions and facilitate referrals to NCH urologists and radiation oncologists
  • Guide you through the treatment process
  • Provide practical and emotional support to you and your family

Meet your prostate nurse navigator

Juli Aistars, RN, APN
Prostate Nurse Navigator

Juli is an advanced practice nurse with 30 years of experience in oncology nursing, including 11 years at NCH. Her experience includes staff nursing in hematology/oncology, medical review and clinical nurse specialist in radiation oncology. Her areas of expertise in oncology are fatigue, skin care with radiation, writing for publication, nursing research and prostate cancer.

Juli is also an editorial board member for, and she has published three articles in nursing journals and a book chapter on radiation oncology. She has presented posters at national and international conferences on her research in skin care for patients receiving radiation for breast cancer and on the development of her role as prostate nurse navigator.

If you or someone you love has recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer, find out how you can get expert care close to home, along with personal support from our prostate nurse navigator. Call the NCH prostate nurse navigator today at 847.618.6572.

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Last Updated 04/10/2009