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April 2011

CareLink Updates: Things You Need to Know


Antibiotic Outlines
On April 6, the following CPOE antibiotic outlines were made available: Vancomycin, Gentamycin, Amikacin and Tobramycin. With physician input, the new outlines were developed to assist you in placing the appropriate antibiotic order for your patient. Specific usage instructions were recently mailed to your office.

Bed Board
On April 5, the Hospital implemented the first phase of the new CareLink “Bed Board” system. This hospital-wide electronic tracking tool offers real-time, at-a-glance views of patient and room status. It will help improve patient bed placement, expedite housekeeping and other environmental services duties, and track patient status, including acuity, fall risks and isolation status. It allows for 24-hour monitoring of activity on all floors and departments, enabling the placement of patients in appropriate beds as quickly as possible.

As part of the Bed Board system, you may notice large flat screen monitors in each nurses’ station, along w/ touch screens on the units for Environmental Services and transporter use. The Emergency Room and other ancillary areas will also have access to the system. Deployment of the monitors will be completed by the end of May.

Members of the medical staff will be trained in a later phase, allowing time for NCH staff to become more experienced in using the system. Look for more information in future issues of SCAN. Questions? Contact Kathy Ferket at 847.618.7943 or Jean Altizer at 847.618.7932.


Coming in May, CPOE “pre-orders” will allow you to plan orders for a future episode of care (i.e. post-operative or hospice care orders). You will be able to enter orders prior to the patient’s episode of care for activation by a physician or nurse during the patient’s episode of care. Please watch for additional information as we approach the go-live for pre-orders.
Central Telemetry Changes
Effective May 3, cardiac rhythm tracings will be transitioning to a more electronic process. You will be able to view your patient’s tracing report via the CareLink website in the “Medical Records” tab under “Cardiology Reports”, or via the monitors located in the patient care workstations.

With this transition, tracings will be scanned into the electronic record three times per day, providing more timely access to the report. A copy of the cardiac rhythm will continue to be filed in the hard-copy chart at the time of admission and during times of significant change of rhythm. Please Note: This change only applies to patients monitored through Central Telemetry; it does not apply to Critical Care patients.

Questions? Contact Connie Selsky, director, Cardiac Surveillance, Post Surgical, and Medical Observation Units/Central Telemetry, at 847.618.6310.

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