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April 2011

Introducing the Friends of the Foundation Program

Beginning May 1, the Foundation will launch its Friends of the Foundation program, also known as “FOF.” This group includes generous donors who are members of NCH's President's Circle giving society by virtue of their annual contributions of $1,000 or above. The FOF program provides an opportunity to acknowledge those who support NCH, strengthen these valued relationships and further enhance the patient’s experience. The program is NOT about asking staff to provide preferential care, or the Foundation getting involved in clinical matters or asking a hospitalized patient for a donation.

fof cardSimply put, the Foundation staff provides a personalized visit, comfort and assistance to FOF members and their families during hospitalization.

FOFs receive a membership card and may present it to you or to staff at any NCH location. Patients or family members may also identify themselves as Friends of the Foundation or a President’s Circle member.

What do you need to know and do? When you encounter “FOFs,” please thank them for their support of NCH and offer to contact the Foundation office for them. You may then have a staff member call the Foundation at extension 4260.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the program, please contact Maggie McLaughlin at 847.618.4281 or

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