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December 2011
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CareLink Phase IV Enhancements: January 2012

Go-Live January 24, 2012

CareLink, Northwest Community Healthcare’s (NCH) electronic health record (EHR) system, is now entering its fourth phase in six years. Providing patient data so users have clinical information “when they need it, where they need it and how they need to see it” continues to be the goal of the CareLink initiative. As part of Phase IV, three new enhancements will be implemented on January 24, 2012. Some of these enhancements will also support the federal government’s “meaningful use” standards.

EHR systems that meet meaningful use standards achieve health and efficiency goals by reducing errors, making records and data available, offering reminders and alerts, providing clinical decision support and electronic prescriptions.

What’s New in Phase IV

Emergency Room Documentation

The CareLink suite of applications will expand online documentation and CPOE (computerized provider order entry) to include Emergency Room (ER) staff and physicians. ER electronic documentation will allow physicians real-time access to a shared report on patients in the ER. For inpatient clinical staff, this real-time access will increase efficiencies by providing access to the record in advance of the admission.

Health Summary

A new application called Health Summary will enhance the ability of physicians, as well as staff, to access historical patient information from visit to visit across the system. Information available will include patient problems, allergies, medications, immunizations and admission history.

Prescription Writer

The new Prescription Writer application will go live first in the ER in January. Prescription Writer will then be expanded as part of electronic medication reconciliation later in 2012.

Training Requirements

Physicians will be required to complete a brief computer based training (CBT) module before the Phase IV go-live.  Please watch your medical staff e-mail and practice mailboxes for information related to training and support.

Questions?  Please call Physician Outreach at 847.618.5280.

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