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February/March 2011

Medication Reconciliation Reminder

Changes were recently made to NCH’s patient medication reconciliation forms. Notification was sent to all practices in January and included samples of the forms.

Admission Medication Reconciliation Form (Inpatients):
This form, printed at the time of admission, allows you to begin ordering for hospitalization. It includes all active and held home medications disclosed at admission, allowing you to continue or discontinue home medications.

Post-Operative Medication Reconciliation Form (Inpatients w/ Procedure in Main OR):
This NEW Post-Op form, printed by the nurse before the patient leaves the floor, includes the patient’s home meds and active inpatient meds at the time the patient is sent to the OR. It allows you to continue or discontinue the listed medications without rewriting them. You must complete the form before the patient leaves the PACU – either pre- or post-procedure – depending on your personal practice.

Discharge Medication Reconciliation Form (Patients Discharged to Home):
This form now lists the patient’s held home medications, as well as active inpatient and IV medications. You can indicate which of the patient’s home meds you would like continued or discontinued and what inpatient medications you want continued. To continue inpatient medications at home, you must write ‘continue’ and initial; you can also add any new medication orders. This information is used during discharge to create the Patient Home Medication List, which now can be printed from your office via the CareLink Website’s Medical Records Tab.

Please Note: At this time, the ‘buff’ colored sheet will continue to be used for patients being transferred to other facilities. Please remember that the ‘buff’ colored sheet is only accurate up to the point it was printed, which is approximately 24:00 hours.

Questions? Please call Janis Ingebrigtsen, director, Patient Satisfaction and Safety, at 847.618.7950.

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