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January 2011

2 East Medical Unit Now Open

On January 4, the 2 East Medical Unit opened across from the Medical Observation Unit (MOU) in the East Pavilion. This 15-bed pilot unit is testing the use of private rooms in the East Pavilion, as well as helping to accommodate the anticipated increase in patient placement due to the upcoming high census season – historically January through March. The unit includes a combination of private and semi-private rooms for patients with medical diagnoses.

Benefits of the new unit include:

  • The ability to better expedite patient placement into target units based on diagnosis, thereby promoting efficiencies in overall patient flow and ensuring appropriate length of stay.
  • The ability to better accommodate patients needing isolation with private rooms without cohorting or blocking.
  • The capability to relieve congestion in the medical and cardiac units in the East Pavilion, including 6 East and the Cardiac Surveillance Unit (CSU), which currently have very few private rooms.
  • The ability to enhance patient care and safety, along with patient, family, physician and staff satisfaction.

Questions? Contact Dina Lipowich, RN, director, Medical Nursing (5 East & 6 East) at 847.618.6510 or Jane Ehlers, RN, clinical manager, at 847.618.6610.

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