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July / August 2011

CareLink Updates

Case Management & Social Services Notes
Did you know that case management and social services notes are viewable from two different CareLink locations? Via the Document Viewer Tab, select Case Management Social Services rev. In addition, you can view these notes after discharge via the Medical Records Tab, by selecting Discharge Planning Form.

CPOE – Bedded Patient Orders ONLY!
We have seen an influx of outpatient diagnostic orders being placed under bedded patient accounts. While we appreciate your enthusiasm, the system is not set-up to handle outpatient orders. Therefore, CPOE should be utilized for bedded patient orders only.

A Comprehensive View of Patient Medication Orders
Please note that the ADC VAAN DISML view includes a 'past orders' section at the bottom of the orders screen. However, to obtain a comprehensive view of all medication orders (including active, pending, one-time and discontinued), it is recommended that you view medications via the Meds Viewer Tab.

Consulting Physician Discharge Orders
Consultants, please ensure you are selecting the appropriate discharge order: discharge by consulting physician cpoe>>. It is essential to the accuracy of the new bed board system that the appropriate discharge order be selected. Thank you for your conscientiousness!

Discharge Summary Requiring Fast Transcription
You can now utilize worktype #07 to dictate a discharge summary for any patient being discharged requiring fast transcription, including patients going to skilled nursing facilities. This will result in a four hour or less turn-around time, allowing for seamless continuity of patient care.

Post Discharge Queries are Now Electronic
In an effort to capture and improve medical record documentation, the Post Discharge Query process is now electronic. To respond to a query from the Clinical Documentation Specialist after a patient is discharged, select the Dictation Button under the Chart Completion Tab. If you are asked to complete a Progress Note Dictation, first review the CDMP worksheet document folder under the Documents sub-tab.

  • To respond to the query, dictate a progress note using worktype #40. When done dictating, in CareLink select the complete check mark box for this deficiency. The progress note will be transcribed into the patient's CareLink medical record to support the coding.
  • To disagree with the query, simply decline the deficiency and add a comment to communicate your reason for the decline.

Clinical documentation in the medical record is critical in establishing patient severity, mortality and improving billing cycle delays. Questions about Post Discharge Queries? Contact Debbie Sarantopoulos at 847.618.4935 or Mike Dibra at 847.618.4982.

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