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June 2011
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The Year-Old South Pavilion: Designed With a Purpose

Northwest Community Hospital's South Pavilion has now been open for one year, bringing together skilled care and advanced technologies in a comfortable and healing environment. The South Pavilion represents the Hospital's larger commitment to raising expectations of what a community hospital can be.

Every element of the nine-story building has been designed with the knowledge that a patient's surroundings affect his or her well-being and the speed of healing and recovery. Inpatient rooms are private and spacious, complete with an extra pull-out bed, a work area and personal storage space so family members can comfortably stay overnight.

“Having a loved one at bedside brings a lot of comfort to the patient,” says Diane Rodriquez, executive director, Performance Improvement. “By creating space that invites family into the room, patients tend to relax knowing that loved ones are involved in their care and have access to physicians, especially during rounds.”

The benefits of the South Pavilion extend to doctors and clinicians, too. Standardized rooms and separate sinks create a more safe and productive environment to work in. Wall-mounted monitors on each unit serve as a convenient resource center for physicians to not only locate patients, but also to identify each patient's clinician and his/her phone number.

Together, all the design elements of the South Pavilion create a healing environment that is supportive of responsive and responsible inpatient care. With these efforts, patient satisfaction has improved at NCH. All of the units that moved into the South Pavilion have experienced a significant increase in their patients' "likelihood to recommend" scores, with the majority of units exceeding the 90th percentile ranking.

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