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June 2011

Planned CareLink System Downtime (June 13-June 14)

Starting on Monday, June 13 at 4 pm through Tuesday, June 14 at 7 am, NCH will upgrade the CareLink system’s foundation (platform) during a phased 13.5-hour downtime. These changes are necessary to provide the building blocks and infrastructure for meeting the federal government’s “Meaningful Use” standards, as well as enabling enhancements to be added in the future.

Downtime Schedule

June 13 – 4 pm
Downtime begins for CareLink Documentation and AdminRx applications. At this time, electronic charting will stop.

June 13 – 5:30 pm
Downtime begins for CPOE/CareLink Orders, CareLink Website (portal) and the Emergency Services Tracking Board.

June 13 – 5:30 to 8:30 pm
No access to Medical Records.

June 13 – 8:30 pm
Access to Medical Records is available via HIM (Health Information Management) by calling 847.618.4958.

June 14 – 7 am
All CareLink systems are expected to be fully operational. The first time you login, it may be necessary to download Active X controls.

*Please note: All other non-CareLink applications will remain available during downtime.

Downtime Plans

In anticipation of your clinical needs during downtime, the following information will be printed and available on patient charts:

  • Physician Rounds Report (a new report created for downtime)
    • Allergies, Vital Signs, Intake & Output (I&O), Lab results, Radiology results, Medication & IV Orders from past 72 hours
  • Current Orders Report (includes 24 hours of non-medication orders only)
  • Buff Sheet (Physician Medication Profile)
  • Minimum Dataset Downtime Report
    • Blood Glucose and Anticoagulation Flowsheets, Ancillary Recommendations, Vital Signs, I&O summary from past 72 hours
  • SHARE Report (Nursing communication tool)

During Downtime

  • Lab and Radiology results will be printed for placement on the patient’s chart
  • Vital signs will be documented on the patient’s chart
  • Radiology PACs stations will be available in the Main OR, Day Surgery Center, Emergency Room and both Critical Care Units
  • Physicians with PACs logins can access PACs via the Internet at

If you are interested in obtaining a PACs login before downtime, please call Radiology Informatics at 847.618.4695.


You may notice some minor enhancements within CPOE after the upgrade. For details, please visit the CPOE Support Page.

  • Saved medications will display in green text on the Order Entry tab screen
  • Upper and lower case letters are now used to make text easier to read
  • Orders placed from an order set can now be viewed together
  • The “View All Orders” display is enhanced for greater readability


Physicians should work specifically with the nurses caring for the patient or with the nurse manager or clinical director during downtime to obtain needed information.

Questions? For technical or unresolved information matters, call the CareLink Hotline at 847.618.4830, option 3. (It will be active from June 13 at 3 pm to June 17 at 3 pm.)

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