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May 2011

NCH Insurance Program Delivers High Value to Physicians

Northwest Community Healthcare's Casualty Insurance, SPC Limited, is an excellent option for NCH physicians to consider for malpractice insurance. Since its establishment in 2003, NCHCI has provided NCH physicians with a competitively priced product that includes added values such as high-quality customer service and useful resource tools.

With coverage renewals approaching in July, Linda Borton, executive director of Northwest Community Health Partners, reminds physicians of the NCHCI advantage. "With competitive pricing, flexibility in deductible structure, and features such as tail coverage that are comparable to others in the commercial market, NCHCI certainly merits consideration this summer."

Participation in NCHCI has grown to more than 100 physicians and overall satisfaction remains high. In a survey issued to its members last year, every respondent indicated they would recommend this program to other physicians. In fact, 90% felt NCHCI offered better pricing, and nearly as many believe NCHCI offers better price stability over time in comparison to other insurance providers.

These high marks of member satisfaction, in part, can be attributed to the insurance company's ongoing evaluation of policy coverage in order to best meet members' needs. Beginning in 2010, for example, the NCHCI added protection for Network Security and Privacy breaches as a standard endorsement on all policies in response to the growing threat of security breaches in the healthcare industry.

With continued oversight of NCHCI by the Hospital's Board of Directors, the long-term viability of the insurance company remains strong.

"In today's challenging economic environment, our physicians are looking at every possible way to cut costs and assure value," Borton says. "Our Casualty Insurance remains an excellent option to consider this year."

NCHCI coverage is available to members of the NCH Physicians Cooperative. Physicians interested in liability insurance or the Physicians Cooperative should contact Linda Borton at 847.618.5260.

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