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November 2011
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Cardiac Surveillance Unit Transitions to Private Patient Rooms

Northwest Community Hospital (NCH) is transitioning its Cardiac Surveillance Unit (CSU) from a unit mixed with private and semi-private patient rooms to an updated and fully private patient care setting. Effective December 1, the renovated and expanded CSU will feature 56 private patient rooms on 2 East-South and 3 East (South and North). Process and design improvements throughout the CSU, as well as the construction of a large team station on 2 East-South, will improve physician and staff workflow.

“Our intent is to enhance patient care delivery and outcomes while also supporting family-centered care and improving customer satisfaction,” says Connie Selsky, RN, director of Cardiac Surveillance, Post Surgical, and Medical Observation Units, and Central Telemetry. “We also anticipate that by reducing the concentration of cardiology patients within a specific clinical care area, we will achieve greater clinical efficiencies, as well as improve physician and staff satisfaction."

The CSU will integrate standardizations that were first introduced in the South Pavilion. Each CSU patient room will be equipped with a WOW (computer workstation on wheels). In-room medication drawers will replace hallway medication carts, and isolation supplies will be readily available outside every patient room. Streamlining design and creating more space at the bedside for mobile workstations and medical equipment will result in a more organized and safe clinical environment.

To enhance the patient and family experience, sleeper sofas will be placed in all CSU patient rooms, allowing family members to remain at bedside throughout their loved one’s hospital stay. “Incorporating patient- and family-centered care principles is an important element that we couldn’t overlook,” adds Selsky. The renovation of 2 East-South also included fresh paint and new flooring.

CSU leadership will remain the same with Connie Selsky, RN, serving as director. Nurse Manager Colette Sutton, RN, will oversee 2 East, which will have a focus on heart failure patients as well as other cardiac diagnoses. Nurse Manager Mary Malesky, RN, will remain on 3 East, which will continue to focus on the cardiac population.

For more information about the Cardiac Surveillance Unit, please contact Connie Selsky, RN, at 847.618.6310.

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