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October 2011

New Service Improves Patient Experience

Northwest Community Hospital (NCH) introduced a new value-added service for patients calling to schedule and pre-register for an outpatient test or procedure. It's called Signature Services Check-in, and it allows qualifying patients to bypass the registration process when they arrive at the Busse Center for the scheduled test. All they have to do is provide a signature. It's that simple!

Patient criteria for Signature Services Check-in:

  • They are an established NCH patient.
  • There are no outstanding balances on the patient's NCH account.
  • They have health insurance that can be verified.
  • Their physician faxed the test/procedure order directly to NCH.

When patients call 847.618.3700 to schedule, NCH staff will let them know if they qualify. This new service only applies to outpatient tests and procedures performed at Northwest Community Hospital.

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Last Updated 04/10/2009