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October 2011

ER Care Inspires Gift


Robert Dubinski (center) with his parents, Bob & Karen.

On a Friday night in June, Bob and Karen Dubinski's 16-year-old son, Robert, had severe stomach pain. They knew he needed medical attention, but had no idea what a harrowing night they were in for. At NCH's Emergency Room, Robert was seen quickly, taken for a CT scan and diagnosed with acute appendicitis.

At every step, Karen and Bob were told exactly what was going on, and they soon heard that their son needed an emergency appendectomy. Karen says, "Robert was in surgery with Dr. William Soper by 11 pm. He was very friendly and explained everything to us before and after the surgery." He also discovered that the appendix was about to burst, and it was removed just in time to prevent a more serious medical crisis. Three days later, Robert was discharged, and he has made a full recovery.

The NCH Foundation soon received a letter from the Dubinskis with a generous donation enclosed. Bob's words explain it best: "We were very pleased with all those who were involved in caring for our son, from the ER team to the surgeon, to the nurses after his surgery and during his care. It's very comforting to have such a fine facility right here in Arlington Heights to meet our family's medical needs."

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