August 2012

CareLink Update: new iForms and changes to SUP orders

New iForms for Paracentesis and Thoracentesis

As of August 1, two new iForms were made available for Thoracentesis and Paracentesis. Each iForm includes orders for their respective exams, with or without imaging, as well as common lab tests.

These iForms were created to help improve the processing of fluids collected during procedures, therefore eliminating the cytology form for these exams. Please Note: All fluids will be held in the lab for 24 hours after receipt. This allows physicians the opportunity to place additional lab orders via the iForms even after the procedure has been completed.

In the future, additional iForms will be added for Cerebral Spinal Fluid and Joint Aspirations.

Changes to Stress Ulcer Prophylaxis Orders (effective August 1)

As described in the July issue of SCAN, the indications for stress ulcer prophylaxis are limited. Prescribers will notice that all orders for pantoprazole (Protonix®) – oral and IV push – now require an indication as part of CareLink order entry. This applies to stand-alone orders as well as those nested within order outlines.

The indications listed within the orders are:

  • Mechanical ventilation anticipated > 48 hours
  • Coagulopathy
  • Acute GI bleed
  • Recent history of GI bleed
  • GERD
  • Other

An info link containing a guideline summary and references is available for review during order entry.

Changing the Meds Viewer tab to see all orders

Within the CareLink Portal there are a number of "view edit" options. In order to ensure discontinued orders are visible within the Meds Viewer tab, select the edit button [1] on the CM Medication module of the Meds Viewer tab and select Order Status Default to: Order of All Statuses.

If a different default view is preferred, select the Order Status drop down list [2] within the CM Medication module of the Meds Viewer tab and select "Order of All Statuses."

[1] [2]
Users can view all orders within the CM Medication module of the Meds Viewer Tab.

Previously Released Updates

Warning Message VTE/Stroke Discharge Diagnosis: In order to meet Meaningful Use VTE & Stroke compliance requirements, a warning notice was added in May to discharge orders for patients with a diagnosis of VTE or Stroke reminding the user that a discharge diagnosis must be entered on all VTE & Stoke patients.

Mechanical and/or Pharmacological VTE Prophlaxis: In order to reduce confusion related to ordering VTE Prophylaxis, a statement was added in May to this iForm stating: Choose Mechanical and/OR Pharmacological Prophylaxis as is clinically indicated.