August 2012

Introducing ProVation Order Sets

NCH recently purchased a new software application called ProVation Order Sets (PVOS) that will help standardize order sets throughout the organization, while also enhancing quality outcomes for patients. ProVation is a product of Wolters Kluwer Health, a company well known for the evidence-based, physician authored clinical knowledge system "UpToDate".

PVOS is a tool that allows NCH to create, review, revise and maintain CareLink order sets in a timely fashion by delivering evidence-based order set recommendations with links to the supporting evidence.

There are two parts to PVOS:

  1. A library of order sets and supportive clinical evidence to be considered for use with CPOE.
  2. A reviewer management system that allows NCH's team of reviewers access to order sets being considered for CareLink Order Entry and the ability to provide feedback on these order sets. Approximately 50 physicians, mid-level providers, nurses and pharmacists have been trained to use PVOS. Order sets focusing on core measures and Meaningful Use, as well as new order set requests are currently in the PVOS review process. Any evidence-based changes or additions identified by PVOS will soon be released to CareLink Order Entry.

PVOS benefits include:

  1. Improved cycle time for creating and revising order sets.
  2. Alerts of new clinical evidence allow for quicker turn-around when updating order sets.
  3. Helps promote standardization and best practice to enhance quality outcomes for patients.
  4. Ability for clinical staff to review order sets and provide feedback online.

For more information please contact Margaret Janiszewski at 847.618.4858 or Pam Jacobson at 847.618.4804.