August 2012

NCH to open West Kirchoff Road campus exit

Beginning August 13, Northwest Community Healthcare (NCH) will temporarily open the West Kirchoff Road exit that is located on the northwest end of the Arlington Heights campus. As a result, all vehicles (both emergency and non-emergency) will be able to enter from, and exit to, Kirchoff Road. For nine months, a traffic study will be conducted to evaluate and measure traffic volume and driving patterns on the campus.

Throughout this nine-month trial period, NCH will employ off-duty Arlington Heights Police Department traffic officers (when available) to assist vehicles exiting the campus at the West Kirchoff exit on weekdays from 3:30 pm to 5 pm. The use of, and need for, a police traffic officer will be evaluated on an ongoing basis and adjusted accordingly.

In recognition that area residents are concerned that this temporary re-opening may bring excess traffic to local streets and nearby schools, please help NCH to remain a good neighbor by exercising caution when exiting on to Kirchoff Road. Consider using the main roadways, such as New Wilke, Kirchoff and Arlington Heights roads, rather than cutting through residential streets north of the Hospital.

At the conclusion of the nine-month traffic study, NCH and the Village of Arlington Heights will come together again to discuss a permanent solution, with the goal to alleviate on-campus congestion while also considering the safety and concerns of area residents.