December 2012

Important CareLink Updates

Order Outline Names to be Standardized

Beginning in December, we will begin standardizing CareLink Order outline names. This process will take place over several months and will include the following changes:

  1. Some outline names will change
  2. The format for outlines names will be as follows:
    • Name of the disease or procedure listed first
    • Next descriptors will be listed, such as pre-op or post-op
  3. 'Peds' will precede the outline name if the outline is specific to a pediatric patient
  4. These changes may affect the order in which an outline appears when completing a search
  5. 'CPOE' is being removed from all outline names
  6. ED physicians, MLPs and nurses will continue to see ED at the beginning of their outlines

New iForms for Lumbar Puncture and Cerebral Spinal Fluids

Starting January 9, 2013, a new iForm will be available called Lumbar Puncture and Cerebral Spinal Fluids iForm. This iForm includes orders for the lumbar puncture, with or without imaging, as well as common lab tests.

This iForm was created to help improve the processing of fluids collected during lumbar puncture procedures, therefore eliminating the cytology form for these exams. Physicians will have the opportunity to place additional lab orders via the iForm even after the procedure has been completed.

Please Note: All fluids will be frozen by the lab after 7 days of receipt and will be discarded after one month. Once fluids are frozen, not all tests can be performed, so please check with the lab prior to ordering labs on frozen fluids.

Preprinted Order Sets Retiring

Beginning January 2013, most of the Preprinted Orders on the Intranet will be retired. A subset of order sets, including those used for core measures and other complex order sets, will have a slightly new look and feel and should be used for downtime purposes only.

CareLink Upgrade – 15 - hour Downtime

January 14-15, 2013 CareLink will experience a 15-hour downtime for a planned upgrade. This upgrade is a necessary preparation for ICD-10 compliance. Details about the downtime will be forthcoming.