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December 2012
News For You

Blue Cross / Blue Shield network now accepting Medicare Plan F

We are pleased to announce that effective 1/1/13, NCH will be added to the BC/BS network accepting the Medicare Select Plan F (MedSelect) supplemental insurance plan.

Seniors in this plan pay 15-20% less in premiums than in the standard BC/BS Medicare supplemental insurance plan by agreeing to receive services from a defined network of hospitals. In addition, NCH and other hospitals in the Medicare select network waive the deductible on inpatient admissions, and the patients gain coinsurance coverage for virtually all other services.

Currently, there are 13,500 Medicare Select members in Dupage County and 78,000 in Cook County who will gain access not only to NCH, but also to physicians and ancillary providers affiliated with the Hospital. As a result, we believe you may gain higher patient volume, additional coinsurance payments and lower collections cost.

This plan presents an affordable option for seniors who were not able to afford other supplemental insurance. BC/BS has offered to do direct mail to seniors in our area, who don't currently purchase supplemental insurance, explaining the affordability. They have also offered to hold service seminars for seniors at NCH. We will notify you when those dates are finalized.

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Last Updated 2012/10/18