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February 2012

CareLink Changes Coming February 29

Reminder: Patient Orders Go Electronic
Also on February 29, paper orders sheets for most bedded patients will be removed and entered electronically via CareLink CPOE. Click here for more information.

CareLink Pre-Orders Go Live
Starting February 29, physicians and mid-level providers (MLPs) will be able to take advantage of a new CareLink order entry function called Pre-Orders. Pre-Orders will enhance the ordering process by allowing physicians and MLPs to place patient care orders in CareLink for activation at a later time. Physicians and MLPs can use this option for pre-planning a procedure or patient admission, which can add efficiency to their workflow.

Pre-Orders is intended for:

  • Anticipated admission of any patient to an NCH bed (the patient must have an active encounter)
  • Anticipated admission to Mental Health or Hospice from an inpatient medical unit
  • Post-operative care for Same Day surgery patient with post-op bedded care stay
  • Anticipated admission of OB/Gyne patient for labor and delivery care or planned Gyne surgery
  • Post-procedure care for Day Surgery Center patient being admitted to inpatient medical unit
  • Pre- or post-procedure care for patient undergoing Interventional Cardiology/Radiology procedure

How It Works
Physicians and MLPs will enter and activate their own Pre-Orders. This best practice allows for the order originator (physician/MLP) to evaluate, edit and activate the Pre-Orders based on the patient’s current condition. As appropriate, a nurse may activate Pre-Orders on behalf of the physician or MLP and, in certain instances, may do so without having to call the physician (depending on the clinical unit and the amount of time that has elapsed since the order was placed – usually no more than 12 hours).

Training and Support
Physicians and MLPs are highly encouraged to review the Pre-Orders computer-based training (CBT) module now available. Training will not only prepare medical staff members on how to address the new prompts within the Orders Tab, it will share information on the functionality and purpose of Pre-Orders. In addition, understanding the difference between Pre-Orders and Draft Orders is key and will help mitigate confusion and avoid errors when Pre-Orders goes live on February 29.

The CBT is available; click here.

For additional assistance and support beginning February 29, please use the on-unit support and the CareLink Hotline at 847.618.4830. Questions? Contact Physician Outreach at 847.618.5280.

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