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February 2012

CareLink Update: Antibiotic End Date

NCH is in the process of rolling out an enhancement to antibiotic orders in CareLink. A new optional prompt in CareLink Orders, called Antibiotic End Date, gives physicians the ability to enter an end date for any antibiotic order. If an end date is not needed – meaning the antibiotic is to be used until discontinued – physicians can elect to bypass this new prompt. This enhancement will provide clear and concise direction to Pharmacy and clinicians regarding the date to end administration of the antibiotic.

A Closer Look
When the new Antibiotic End Date prompt appears, physicians should first click on “END THERAPY ON ___” and then enter the desired end date. If an end date already has been entered, the physician can tab through the “for how long” prompt and continue to follow the remaining order prompts.

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Last Updated 04/10/2009