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January 2012

Supporting NCH's Social Media Network

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Northwest Community Hospital’s (NCH) Marketing team has established a social media strategy aimed at positioning the Hospital – as well as its medical staff – as a leading healthcare expert in the online social community. Since launching Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages, NCH has successfully established its voice in the social media community by delivering meaningful healthcare content and relevant news to a growing body of engaged followers that exceeds 1,800 people. In order to continue to grow its social media presence, NCH is seeking medical staff members who are interested in connecting and/or participating in the online community network.

“In an effort to further engage our followers and to reach more people, we have set out to elevate our social media presence and to make our content even more robust this year,” says Christine Peisker, manager of Interactive Marketing at NCH. “By tapping into the expertise of the Hospital’s medical staff, we can raise the level of content, deliver accurate healthcare information in a timely manner, and ultimately build stronger relationships between physicians and patients.”

Medical staff members can support NCH’s social media presence in three ways:

  1. Follower – Stay abreast of what NCH is posting on Facebook and Twitter, and see what patients are saying, too.
  2. Contributor – Participate in the online conversation or provide insight and background information about emerging news or hot topics with the NCH social media team.*
  3. Content ExpertJoin a growing committee of engaged physicians and clinicians who serve as the Hospital’s visible content experts on the social media platform.

Peisker explains that the knowledge and contributions from the medical staff will, in part, help people to live healthier lives. “As the accountable care payment model gains traction, keeping patients healthy has emerged as a high priority for care providers and institutions across the country,” she says. “Avenues like Facebook give us the unique opportunity to create a dialogue with individuals who care about their health, and lead them toward making smarter healthcare decisions.”

For more information, or to express an interest in supporting NCH’s social media efforts, physicians can contact Christine Peisker at 847.618.5525 or

* Click here for NCH’s social media policy, which outlines corporate guidelines for online social engagement and participation.
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