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June 2012
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Specialized Parkinson's Program Helps Patients Find Their Voice

Northwest Community Healthcare (NCH) has expanded the reach of its Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) LOUD program to two outpatient locations in Rolling Meadows and Arlington Heights. Now, patients with Parkinson's disease or Parkinsonism have greater access to the evidence-based treatment program that can restore an individual's speech.

Imaging Procedure Assists Doctors in Diagnosing Parkinson's

NCH is among a select group of Illinois hospitals with DaTscanTM, the first FDA-approved radiopharmaceutical imaging agent intended for use as an adjunct to clinical evaluations for patients with suspected parkinsonian syndromes.

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Patients with conditions such as Parkinson's disease frequently experience challenges in communicating with others, noting difficulties with clarity and a decline in vocal loudness. With the LSVT LOUD program, speech language pathologists at NCH aim to not only enhance a patient's communication abilities, but also to maintain improvements in speech over time.

The program consists of 17 one-hour treatment sessions with a certified LSVT LOUD therapist at a frequency of three to four times per week. The individual therapy sessions are comprised of strengthening exercises and activities that recalibrate a patient's voice to a normal volume level, which is 75 decibels. In addition to therapy sessions, patients are expected to practice at home. Results depend on the patient's commitment to the Home Exercise Program and his or her cognitive ability to self-monitor speech and volume level.

The LSVT LOUD program is facilitated at the NCH Outpatient Center in Rolling Meadows and, more recently, at the NCH medical office building at 1590 North Arlington Heights Road in Arlington Heights.

Physicians can enter an order for LSVT LOUD treatment in Allscripts or fax to NCH Physical Rehabilitation Services. Patients also can bring the order to the first evaluation. To schedule treatment, patients should call NCH Central Scheduling at 847.618.3700.

For more information, medical staff members can contact NCH speech language pathologists Jerry Bragg at 847.581.7757 or Marja Rowberry at 847.618.3883.

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