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May 2012

Reminder: Timely Completion of Medical Records of Even Greater Importance

The Medical Executive Committee recently approved a new fine schedule for delinquent medical records. The need for timely completion of medical records, in support of optimal patient care and to ensure compliance with various healthcare regulatory agencies, is the impetus for this change. It is recommended that a physician check their deficiency lists under the Chart Completion tab in CareLink on a weekly basis.

The new fine schedule is set to take effect June 1, 2012. Click here to review Medical Staff Policy No. 1, which details the Hospital's protocol for placing physicians on the suspension list and imposing fines for delinquent medical records.

Faxed notification for physicians on the pending suspension list will continue to be sent one week prior to the suspension date, which is the fourth Monday of each month.

To help with this policy change, through the month of June, efforts will be made to assist physicians on the pending suspension list avoid suspension and fines. Please watch your medical staff email announcements and CareLink's Message of the Day for medical records completion reminders.

For more information, please refer to Medical Staff Policy No. 1, or contact Michael Dibra, manager of HIM Operations at 847.618.4982, or Panayota Kleinman, MD, director of Medical Affairs, at 847.618.5685.

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Last Updated 2012/05/17