October 2012

Important direct admit changes

An admission Status Order is now required to directly admit a patient to Northwest Community Hospital when a request to admit a patient is made. Admission Status Orders can be provided by one of three methods:

  • CareLink Orders
  • Fax an Admission Request
    • Office staff calls Admitting at 847.618.4500
    • Admissions/Patient Flow Coordinator faxes an admission request to the office
    • Physician completes and signs the Admission Status Order (click here to view an example of this form)
    • Office staff faxes a completed request form to Admitting at 847.618.7998
  • Telephone Order
    • If a physician is unable to physically sign an admission status request, the Admissions/Patient Flow Coordinator will accept a telephone order

As part of the admission request, physicians can provide preliminary admission orders such as O2, IV, analgesia and/or diet so that the patient's care and comfort can be addressed immediately upon arrival. This new streamlined process improves dialogue between NCH clinicians and physicians, ultimately creating a more efficient patient admission process.

If you have questions related to this new process, please contact Jean Altizer, Patient Flow and Staffing Manager, at 847.618. 7932.