September 2012

Changes to inpatient medical-renal care

Northwest Community Hospital (NCH) has changed its delivery of care model for the medical-renal inpatient population. As a result, inpatient care and dialysis services for medical-renal patients will be provided in multiple inpatient care settings following the Sept. 21 closure of the inpatient medical-renal unit on 5 East.

The departure from a single-unit care setting for medical-renal inpatients comes with the opportunities to achieve greater efficiencies in care, to leverage resources and to integrate processes already in place within other inpatient departments. The restructure is, in-part, driven by the national shift in the delivery of healthcare services that has a strong emphasis on preventive health.

"We believe this new approach will allow us to continue providing our patients with individualized and specialized care in a more efficient structure and environment," said Dina Lipowich, RN, MSN, director of Nursing and Inpatient Geriatrics at NCH.

Efforts have been made to relocate 5 East nurses and support staff to the various inpatient units receiving medical-renal patients. These staff members will complement the expertise of other clinical care teams and enrich the multidisciplinary team structure, all while maintaining a high level of quality care and medical renal services in the inpatient setting.

Lipowich adds that dialysis treatments will be delivered to inpatients at the bedside by Fresenius contract nurses. This new process will eliminate delays in treatment that were often associated with patient transports to a centralized dialysis location, thereby enhancing the patient and family experience.

In addition to hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis services will also be delivered to inpatients by Fresenius contract nurses. The same process will be used to order treatments.

For more information about inpatient medical-renal care at NCH, please contact Dina Lipowich at 847.618.6510.