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September 2012

Recent CareLink updates

Physician Consult Signoff

When physicians intend to signoff a case as a consultant, in CareLink orders left click the consult order, then select switch to physician consult signoff (as seen below). This will discontinue the original consult order and enter a physician consult signoff order to remove you from the case.

Physician Consult Signoff screen shot.

If a consult order is not visible on the order screen, search for "Physician Consult Signoff" in the orders search pane and select this order to remove yourself as a consultant on the case.

Face Sheet: 3rd Date/Time Added and Date/Time Fields Move

Inpatient date and time fields have been added to the Patient Face Sheet. This addition enables NCH to capture the date of admission without compromising the date patient care is initiated. To accommodate this information, the date and time fields have been moved to the bottom right-hand corner of the Patient Face Sheet. Please contact the Admitting office at 847.618.4512 with any questions.

Inpatient date and time fields have been added to the Patient Face Sheet.

Order Entry Antibiotics

On the CareLink Orders ADC VAAN DISML view Antibiotics has been added as a subsection of Medications. To allow for ease of viewing the complete antibiotic regimen, all antibiotics will display in this sub-section, as well as a new Post Dialysis Antibiotic Reminder and current Intermittent Antibiotic Reminder.

Screen shot of Order Entry Antibiotics.

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Last Updated 2012/09/25