April 2013

Carelink Clinical Update: April 4, 2013

NEW Rehabilitation Services Order Outline

Effective April 9, all physical, occupational, and speech therapy orders (with the exception of the Rehab consult order for the NICU) will only be available to order from a new outline called Rehabilitation Services.

Within the outline, physicians will be directed to the correct therapy order based on whether or not the patient is an inpatient, observation patient or if therapy should start post hospital discharge. This change will improve reimbursement for rehabilitation services.

6:00 am Timed Pick-up for 9:00 am Results

If you are in need of lab results before 9 a.m., order as a 6 a.m. Timed Pick-up. When a Routine AM is ordered, the laboratory makes every attempt for the phlebotomists to collect the blood by 8 a.m.


  1. Palliative Care Social Workers began documenting online in early February. To view this documentation, go to the Document Viewer tab, from the report drop down select Case Management and Social Services rev.
  2. For ease of access to Cardiology Reports, a Cardiology sub-tab was created in Medical Records. This tab provides you with Cardiology reports not available in the Results tab, including: Telemetry Monitoring Strips, Echo, TEE, EKG, Stress Test and Cath Lab reports. To view this tab, go to the Medical Records tab, click the Cardiology sub-tab, as highlighted in red below.

  3. All US Vascular Studies of the Extremities are now in the following outlines:
    • US Arterial Extremity Exams
    • US Duplex Venous Leg Exams
    • US Duplex Venous Arm Exams

Please refer to these outlines for ordering these exams.