February 2013

BOOST - Better Outcomes by Optimizing Safe Transitions

NCH began participating in October 2012 in a landmark initiative aimed at improving the inpatient care experience. This national initiative is called Better Outcomes by Optimizing Safe Transitions, also known as "BOOST." The BOOST program is sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, the Society of Hospital Medicine, Northwestern University and the Illinois Hospital Association.

BOOST's aim is to improve the hospital patient discharge process, reduce 30-day readmissions, improve patient satisfaction and mitigate risks for adverse events associated with hospital transitions.

Currently, BOOST interdisciplinary teams at NCH are working on:

  • Implementing a patient-friendly teaching method called "Teach Back"
  • Revising discharge instructions to be more patient friendly
  • Designing a readmission risk assessment tool to identify at-risk patients early and optimize outcomes
  • Implementing a post-hospitalization patient call program to assist patients in maintaining their treatment plans post hospitalization
  • Scheduling follow-up appointments with physicians before patients leave the hospital.

For more information about BOOST, call Mary Webb, APN clinical nurse specialist, at 847.618.6730.