July/August 2013

Aim for Excellence - Partnering to Achieve Exceptional Outcomes - Every Patient Every Time

NCH is proud to introduce Aim for Excellence, an exciting new initiative to develop an integrated service delivery model that coordinates and improves patient flow throughout the hospital. To help us achieve this goal, NCH is working with Care Logistics, a leading provider of hospital operating system solutions. Together, we will re-engineer work flows and implement a clinical technology software platform that has been proven effective in improving quality, patient satisfaction and efficiency.

A key feature of the Aim for Excellence system will be a Central Control Center – The Hub – that will manage all aspects of patient flow. Similar to the logistics processes used by delivery companies to ensure that your package arrives on time, the Hub will monitor the status of patients from the time they are admitted to the hospital, through the scheduling of tests and treatments, and ultimately through timely, efficient discharge. Our experience with the current HEV Bed Board system provides a foundation for the expanded scope of services provided by The Hub. The system will ensure people and resources are available exactly when needed to advance the patient's care plan. Both caregivers and patients will have a clear and reliable agenda for care. We will also have real-time quality data and information to enable us to respond and make changes as situations are occurring.

The Aim for Excellence process has started with orientation and interviews about current processes with leaders from participating departments throughout the hospital. These sessions will be the baseline for configuring the patient flow and logistics software for NCH. The Aim for Excellence development work will continue for the rest of the year, with a target go-live of late March 2014.

"The Aim for Excellence project is a transformational process that will involve everyone within NCH – from leadership to frontline staff," said Stephen Scogna, CEO. "We will all work together to grow and position NCH as the healthcare system of choice for the health of the communities we serve," he added.

We look forward to sharing information on key points in the Aim for Excellence development process. For questions about the Aim for Excellence project, please contact Pat Stack, who is serving as project leader, at ext. 7905.