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June 2013
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Physician Town Hall

President and CEO Steve Scogna, COO Michael Hartke, and CMO Dr. Eric Benink hosted a Physician Town Hall in May where they discussed the NCH Board's decision to remain independent and NCH's strategic and operational initiatives as it prepares for the Affordable Care Act.

"It was a unanimous decision of the NCH board not to seek a partner," Scogna told physicians. "There was unanimous support that the system of care strategy and the management plan to achieve our organizational goals will meet the needs of the communities we serve. There are no plans to revisit or reopen this decision."

Scogna, Hartke and Benink told physicians the decision to remain independent will help NCH stay more nimble and responsive to physicians, patients, and employees in an industry that is quickly changing. NCH will continue to focus on shifting from a culture of acute care to a system of care.

A system of care will mean a focus on quality and preparing for value-based payments, the trio told physicians. The new NCH direction will be achieved through a transformational change in culture where acute care is no longer viewed as a primary focus, but as an integrated system of care, they said.

"Our focus will be on enhancing our partnerships with our physicians to better integrate our efforts to deliver the highest quality care to our communities," Scogna said. "This will include coordination with other independent healthcare organizations to allow NCH to thrive in the provision of accountable care."

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