May 2013

NCH offering swallowing treatment therapy

NCH Speech Therapy is now offering the VitalStim® protocol for swallowing treatment. VitalStim® therapy is a special form of neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) that helps habilitate and/or re-educate the throat muscles needed for swallowing. This non-invasive therapy has been used successfully to help thousands regain the pleasures of an oral diet and a higher quality of life. At this time, VitalStim® therapy will be available at the Rolling Meadows Outpatient Center by Speech Pathologist Marja Rowberry, who is certified by VitalStim® and has years of experience providing this treatment modality. VitalStim® therapy does not replace the traditional dysphagia treatment speech pathologists provide; it is a modality that is added to the therapy to make it even more effective. Physician orders do not need to specify VitalStim® treatment. An order for speech therapy to evaluate and treat dysphagia is all that is needed. For questions regarding this new service, please contact Jerry Bragg at 847.581.7757.