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May 2013

Patient Care Unit Changes Reflect Commitment to Patient & Family Centered Care

As part of NCH's continuation of a process to consolidate patient care units in order to improve quality and transition NCH to an all-private room environment, a select number of clinical units and teams will be moving to new locations. The moves should result in improved patient continuity of care, as well as staffing efficiencies and greater patient satisfaction.

"We believe this new reconfiguration will allow us to continue providing patients with individualized and specialized care in a more efficient environment," said Steve Scogna, CEO of NCH. "We believe our patients will benefit from these moves."

The following moves take place in May:

PPPU Unit Relocates

The pre- and post-procedure unit (PPPU) relocated to the former Medical Observation Unit/ED Triage location on Monday, May 13. The PPPU continues to serve the pre- and post-procedure care needs of patients for the cardiac cath lab, cardiac diagnostics and interventional radiology. Please contact Bonnie DeGrande, director of cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation services, at 847.618.7663, or Nancy Ritze-Cullen, manager of PPPU and cardiac diagnostics, at 847.618.3325, if you have questions.

9S makes temporary move to 6E

On the morning of Monday, May 20 - after medication pass - NCH will reconfigure two departments. The 9S Oncology unit and team will make a temporary move to 6E. At the same time, the 6E Medical-Pulmonary unit and team will relocate to 9S. Patients admitted to these units on the day of the move will be transported to their new room by way of the 2 West hallway.

The Oncology unit's move will allow for a truly dedicated Oncology specialty unit in a space configuration better suited for this particular patient population. The 6E unit will continue to offer a multi-disciplinary and inter-professional team approach to caring for our Oncology patients, including a dedicated Pharmacist (Mike). The unit will house 18 private patient rooms, two of which are designated as radiation implant rooms, a family conference room, as well as a consultation room. One room on this unit will temporarily be used to provide outpatient dialysis treatments.

On the day of the move, if you care for patients on either of these units please remember to check your census often. In addition, there will be designated staff on both units to assist you in locating your patients during the move. If you have any questions, please call Dina Lipowich, director of medical nursing and geriatrics, at 847.618.6510.

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