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November 2013
News For You

Introducing Operational Rounding to Improve Organizational Performance

NCH is continuing to develop its Aim for Excellence program, which is designed to improve care coordination throughout the hospital. A key component of this initiative is Operational Rounding. This involves members of NCH's senior leadership team partnering with staff to review and evaluate unit and department performance metrics.

Operational Rounding will begin on November 19 and occur on a weekly basis. During these rounds, a leadership team comprised of two people will be assigned to specific units or departments. Each meeting will be focused on a specific theme or efficiency metric (e.g., length of stay or cycle time for discharge).

Operational Rounding will allow leadership to identify straightforward improvements that can be made on a department level, as well as overarching changes that require systemwide adjustments. This frontline review will help each unit/department achieve greater operational efficiency and improve the coordination of care for patients.

Please contact Pat Stack (, Vice President of Performance Improvement, if you would like to learn more about Operational Rounding or Aim for Excellence.

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Last Updated 2013/10/16