October 2013

Aim for Excellence: Two important questions answered

As the development of Aim for Excellence—NCH's new care coordination model aimed at improving patient flow throughout the hospital system—is underway, two important questions continue to be asked.

  1. How will Aim for Excellence impact our patients?
  2. Improving efficiency and the patient experience is at the core of Aim for Excellence. Patients and caregivers will have a daily itinerary that tells them when procedures, diagnostic testing, or potential discharges and transfers will take place. Knowing what to expect and when will reduce patient anxiety and facilitate a smooth and timely transition throughout the hospital stay.

    Several factors that will allow physicians to schedule rounds more efficiently are also anticipated:

    • Patient location information and patients' schedule of tests and treatments will always be available.
    • An increase in capacity and a decrease in delays related to service backlogs can be expected.
    • Discharge planning will begin at admission, so patients and families will be involved in planning for care transitions earlier in their stay. Further, there will be fewer surprises related to discharge dates.
  3. How does Aim for Excellence work?
  4. Aim for Excellence requires a transition in staff roles and responsibilities coupled with a new operating system (similar to a "patient traffic control center"). Aim for Excellence will reorient how a patient is managed throughout the entire course of a hospital stay by coordinating staff and resources to move patients as efficiently as possible through the hospital without compromising care. This includes adding the new role of Clinical Care Coordinator (C3) to ensure every patient is prepared for the next level or stage of care. Ultimately, Aim for Excellence increases efficiency so there are fewer delays in service and creates a coordinated day for patients, hospital staff and physicians, based on a highly integrated operating system.

    Aim for Excellence will transform NCH's culture and impact how patients are cared for in a positive and profound way. This care coordination model has proven to reduce the length of stay by half a day or more, reduce infection rates and improve patient satisfaction. This not only benefits patients, it makes NCH a stronger, thriving organization for employees and physicians, positioning us for the future of healthcare. NCH will be there every step of the way to provide support, training and encouragement to ensure success on our Road to the Future.

Please contact Pat Stack, Vice President of Performance Improvement, if you'd like to learn more about Aim for Excellence.